• Kidney Center
  • Providing diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for children with renal conditions

    The renal center provides diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of infants, children and adolescents with renal conditions, such as urinary tract infections, congenital renal disorders, hereditary renal disease, nephritis, renal tubular diseases, nephrotic syndrome and cystic diseases, as well as for patients with proteinuria and hematuria.

    Pediatric Hypertension Clinic

    The clinic also manages patients with hypertension and includes a dialysis unit. Patients are seen by self- or physician referral.

    Uncontrolled high blood pressure in a child causes gradual damage to the kidneys, heart and central nervous system as well a variety of symptoms such as headache, chest pain, stomachache and difficulty sleeping. The Pediatric Hypertension Clinic at Texas Children's Hospital is a multidisciplinary clinic that diagnoses cares for children with elevated blood pressure.

    Our team, which includes nephrologists (kidney doctors), nutritionists, exercise therapists and nurse educators, diagnoses and manages all forms and causes of hypertension and individualizes therapy based on the needs of each child.


    Texas Children’s Hospital now provides its renal patients with s of separating unwanted cells or components (such as abnormal white cells in a leukemia patient) from a patient’s blood and returning the desired components, along with the replacement fluids, to the patient. Centrifuges inside the pheresis machines spin the blood so fast it separates into different components, making it easy to remove the plasma from the whole blood.

    Pheresis is most commonly used in patients with sickle cell disease, neurology, and hematology patients, and patients who need transplantation.

    Rena Dee

    Texas Children’s nephrology nurses bring happiness to chronically ill children across the world by introducing them to a very special friend - Rena Dee. She is a 16-inch cloth doll who travels to different hospitals with pediatric dialysis units and teaches children about geography and other cultures. She also allows children receiving renal dialysis to share secrets, tips and strategies to cope with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Designed by a nephrology nurse and a child life specialist to give renal dialysis patients a feeling of travel, Rena Dee has visited hospitals across the U.S. and the world.

    Chief of ServiceMichael C. Braun, MD
    Clinic PhysiciansMichael C. Braun, MD 
    Eileen D. Brewer, MD
    Ewa Elenberg, MD
    Arundhati S. Kale, MD
    Mini Michael, MBBS, FRACP, MMed
    Alyssa Riley, MD
    Poyyapakkam Srivaths, MD
    Sarah J. Swartz, MD
    Clinic NursesKirti Bhakta, RN
    Claudia Brown, RN
    Beth Croix, RN
    Helen Takaki, RN
    Nurse PractitionerJessica Fallon Campbell, PNP
    ManagerAmelia Allsteadt, RN

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