• Congenital Heart Surgery
  • Congenital Heart Surgery

    Today, Texas Children’s Heart Center is recognized across the globe as a leader in the highly specialized field of pediatric congenital heart surgery and performs more than 800 surgical cardiac procedures each year with outcomes among the best in the nation.

    Congenital Heart Defects

    The Congenital Heart Surgery Service offers a comprehensive surgical program that includes every procedure available for the treatment of pediatric heart disease and defects. We care for children of every age, including preterm and low-birth-weight newborns, tailoring procedures and treatments to the needs of each individual child and his or her family. During surgery, this individualized approach includes cardiopulmonary bypass and neuroprotection strategies customized to each patient’s condition and needs, helping to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved. Among the heart problems we treat: atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot and transposition of the great arteries.

    Congenital Heart Defects

    Having Congenital Heart Surgery

    If your child has to have surgery to correct a congenital heart defect, you understandably are worried about what happens before, during and after surgery. Texas Children’s Heart Center’s team is committed to assisting our patients and their families, as well as referring physicians, in coordinating their experiences with our program and ensuring the best possible surgical outcomes.

    About Surgery


    Our pediatric perfusionists are skilled allied-health professionals trained and educated specifically as members of the congenital heart surgery team. They are responsible for the selection, setup and operation of the heart-lung machine and any other circulation equipment during medical procedures where it is necessary to support or temporarily replace a patient’s respiratory or circulatory functions.

    About Perfusion


    From being the lead institution on the Berlin Heart study to bioengineering involving tissue and cells in the lab, we lead the way in cardiovascular research. In fact, the Division of Congenital Heart Surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital was the lead center in a 17-hospital national study for the Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (VAD). The EXCOR is the only VAD approved in the United States for use in babies.

    Congenital Heart Surgery Research


    As part of our ongoing efforts to examine patient outcomes and improve the quality of care we provide to our patients, we examine and publish outcomes data for our congenital heart surgery service. Among the measurements we focus on are case volume and mortality rates.

    Congenital Heart Surgery Outcomes

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