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    For nearly 60 years, Texas Children’s Hospital has been providing health and hope to children and their families. Today, we are not only Houston’s largest and most comprehensive pediatric hospital, but also one of the most preeminent centers for children’s health care in the nation. We are committed to medical excellence and quality outcomes with a single purpose – to ensure the health of the youngest and most vulnerable members of the community, whether they reside in nearby neighborhoods or on the other side of the world.

    To highlight our commitment to improving the health and well-being of children, Texas Children’s Hospital and its subsidiaries have issued this report on our community programs.

    Pediatric Safety Net

    Children’s hospitals serve as the safety net for all children and save children’s lives every day. And we take care of the youngest patients: 72% of pediatric patients are under age 10; 97% are under age 15. 

    We have looked internally to see how we can provide the best care for children and be the best value for the state. Among the initiatives we've undertaken to accomplish these goals:

    • Continually searching for ways to provide the best care for children at the best value for the state 
    • Establishing Project Medical Home, 5 practices in communities with critical need for pediatric primary care services
    • Leveraging our entire healthcare system to create an accountable care environment that maintains high standards of quality, efficiency, and access

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    Other Helpful Resources

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