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    Today’s nurses are much more than the stereotypical demure helpmates of the past. Many are involved in active research to improve patient care, and Texas Children’s is leading the way with an innovative new research fellowship program.

    Funded by The Auxiliary at Texas Children’s, the program provides training, mentorship and the essential element of time to help advanced practice nurses grow into independent researchers. Participants are chosen from graduates of the hospital’s Scholars program, which trains about 12 nurses each year in basic-level research.

    Fellows are mentored by PhD nurse-researchers and given time off from their job duties one day each week to conduct research.

    Currently, our 4 fellows are exploring diverse fields of study to improve the lives and health of children and families.

    Research Fellow 


    Title and Location 


    Research Study Title 

    Holly Boyd and Colleen Brand Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Non-Thermoregulatory Effects of Humidification in a Closed Macroenvironment
    Terri L. Brown Research Specialist,
    Center for Research and EBP
    r-FLACC Clinical Utility for Pain Assessment in Cognitively Intact Children
    Rosalind Bryant Pediatric Nurse Practictioner
    Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
    Transition of Chronically Ill Youth to Adult Health Care: The Experience of the Youth with Hemoglobinopathy
    Cheryl Rodgers Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Bone Marrow Transplant Service
    The Meaning of Adolescents' Eating Experiences During Bone Marrow Transplant Recovery


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